Links and other useless clues to me and my past...
Gold Dollar Bar, Detroit 1996-2001
Archived site for my old music venue, a home for new, unknown and experimental music and performance.
Now just showing the history, and dangling the as yet unfulfilled promise that I might put up some of my old live recordings.
Semi-accidental trip around the world 2003-2011
Unfinished site that I was making when I was wandering around the world. I found I preferred having experiences to reporting on them, so... this site is woefully incomplete. Eventually though... Uhm...

TMR / White Stripes Vault 26
White Stripes show I recorded in 1999, released on vinyl, December 2015

TMR / White Stripes Vault 26
White Stripes first ever public performances, my recordings released on vinyl 2012

More soon (Eventually? of artists I like and have worked with... And names I remember at the moment...)
Or if you're really anxious, start with Frank Pahl, Maureen Maki, Electric Six and Julie Meitze... Or look at the Gold Dollar schedule... Though most of the links are old and broken...